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VIS-AVE-W30   AVerVision W30 Interactive Visualiser & Document Camera
FPL-DUAL-BASIC   Basic Dual Gang AV Face Plate (Crimp Terminal)
FPL-DUAL-ME-BASIC   Basic Dual Gang Metal AV Face Plate (Crimp Terminal)
FPL-SINGLE-BASIC   Basic Single Gang AV Face Plate (Crimp VGA Terminals)
FPL-SINGLE-ME-BASIC   Basic Single Gang Metal AV Face Plate(Crimp Terminal)
ACC-AUP-MA101-BATT-MB30   Battery for MIPRO 101C Portable PA System
ACC-AUP-MIP-MB70-MA707   Battery for MIPRO MA-707 Portable PA System
FUR-CLS-LIB-MON-MEQBBH   Beech Big Book Holder 6 Slot Mobile W695 x D504 x H760mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ5020   Beech Unit includes 16 shallow, 4 deep & 3 x 3/4 trays W1350 x D450 x H835mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ5010   Beech Unit includes 3 x 3/4 & 4 deep trays W690 x D450 x H835mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ5000   Beech Unit includes 8 shallow & 3x 3/4 trays W690 x D450 x H835mm
FUR-STO-CBD-MON-MEQ5040SD   Beech Unit with lockable sliding doors 16 shallow & 6 x 3/4 trays W1350 x D495 x H835mm
PJR-BEN-LW61ST   BenQ LW61ST Projector
PJR-BEN-MS502   BenQ MS502 Projector
PJR-BEN-MS517   BenQ MS517 Projector
PJR-BEN-MS616ST   BenQ MS616ST Short Throw Projector
PJR-BEN-MW851UST   BenQ MW851UST Projector
PJR-BEN-MX503   BenQ MX503 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX518   BenQ MX518 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX661   BenQ MX661 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX711   BenQ MX711 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX717   BenQ MX717 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX764   BenQ MX764 Projector
PJR-BEN-MX812ST   BenQ MX812ST Projector
PJR-BEN-MX815ST   BenQ MX815ST Projector
PJR-BEN-MX850UST   BenQ MX850UST Projector
PJR-BEN-SP840   BenQ SP840 3D Ready Projector
PJR-BEN-SP870   BenQ SP870 Projector
PJR-BEN-SP920P   BenQ SP920P Projector
AUC-HP-A10084HA   Black Digital Quality Stereo Headphones
ACC-AUH-MET-BLACK   Black Mechanical Metronome
AUC-HP-A10073A   Black Stereo Headphones
AUC-HP-A10077B   Black Switched Stereo/Mono Headphones with Volume Controls
GAD-HHD-PID-BM150R   Bluebird Pidion BM-150R PDA, Camera, Bluetooth & MP3
ACC-CAT5-BNC   BNC Video Over CAT5
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP10G   Bretford 10 station Laptop Charging Trolley
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP16-17EPM   Bretford 16 station Laptop Charging Trolley with Electronic Power Management
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP30H-EPM   Bretford Horizontal 30 Bay Laptop Storage & Recharging Trolley
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP30H-IC   Bretford Horizontal 30 Bay Laptop Storage & Recharging Trolley - Intelligent Charging
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP16H-EPM   Bretford LAP16H-EPM 16 Mobile Laptop Charger
CHG-LTOP-BRE-LAP16H-IC   Bretford LAP16H-IC 16 Mobile Laptop Charger
CHG-LTOP-BRE-MPOD8L   Bretford LapRoller 8 Bay 12" Laptop Portable Charging Trolley
CHG-LTOP-BRE-POD16M-9   Bretford NetRoller 16 Bay Netbook Portable Charging Trolley
CHG-LTOP-BRE-TOPLO16L   Bretford TopLoader 16-L Laptop Charging Trolley
CHG-LTOP-BRE-TOPLO32N   Bretford TopLoader 32-N Laptop Charging Trolley
AUC-HP-CAL-3060AVBL   Budget Stereo Headphones - Blueberry
AUC-HP-CAL-3060AVS   Budget Stereo Headphones - Silver
FUR-CMP-TBL-MON-CF7038   Budget workstation mobile
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS10   BVS 10 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS12   BVS 12 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS16   BVS 16 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS16NB   BVS 16 NETBOOK ASUS EEE PC / RM Minibook Charger trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS20   BVS 20 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS24   BVS 24 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS28   BVS 28 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS32   BVS 32 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS8   BVS 8 Laptop Storage & Charger Trolley
IWB-BVS-ECO-78   BVS Eco-Touch 78" Interactive Whiteboard
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS-ML16   BVS-ML16 Laptop Charger and Storage Trolley - 16 laptop/netbook charger trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-TBVS-MS16   BVS-MS16 Laptop Charger and Storage Trolley with 4 Doors - 16 laptop/netbook charger trolley
CHG-LTOP-GOE-BVS-MS8   BVS-MS8 Laptop Charger and Storage Trolley with 2 Doors - 8 laptop/netbook charger trolley
ACC-AUH-BR-WALL-SPKR   Cabinet Speaker Wall Bracket (Pair)
CBL-AVKIT-2G10-HDMI   Cable Assembly, AV inc HDMI, 10m
AUC-LRN-BRE-1300AV   Califone 1300AV Budget Cassette Player/Recorder
AUC-LRN-BRE-2395AV-02   Califone 2395AV-02 Dual Cassette and CD Player with built-in mic
AUC-LRN-CAL-2395AV   Califone 2395AV-IR Dual Cassette and CD Player with Infrared Freedom
AUC-LRN-CAL-2395PLC   Califone 2395PLC Music Maker Learning Centre
AUC-LRN-CAL-2455AV03   Califone 2455AV-03 Performer Dual Cassette and CD Player with PA
AUC-HP-CAL-2800BL   Califone 2800-BL Lightweight Stereo Headphone - Blue
AUC-HP-CAL-2800RD   Califone 2800-RD Lightweight Stereo Headphone - Red
AUC-HP-CAL-2800YL   Califone 2800-YL Lightweight Stereo Headphone - Yellow
AUC-HP-CAL-2924AVP   Califone 2924AVP Deluxe Mono Headphones with Attached Coiled Cord
AUC-HP-CAL-2924AVP-12   Califone 2924AVP-12 Mono Headphones Pack
AUC-HP-CAL-2924AVPS   Califone 2924AVPS Deluxe Stereo Headphones with Attached Coiled Cord
AUC-HP-CAL-3064USB   Califone 3064-USB Lightweight USB Stereo Headset
AUC-HP-CAL-3064AV   Califone 3064AV Multimedia Microphone Headset
AUC-HP-CAL-3065AV   Califone 3065AV Lightweight Personal Multimedia Stereo Headset
AUC-HP-CAL-3066USB   Califone 3066-USB USB Stereo Headset
AUC-HP-CAL-3066AV   Califone 3066AV Deluxe Multimedia Microphone Headset
AUC-HP-CAL-3068AV   Califone 3068AV Switchable Mono/Stereo Headset
AUC-LRN-BRE-3132AV   Califone 3132AV Economy Cassette Player/Recorder
AUC-LRN-CAL-3132PLC   Califone 3132PLC Basic Learning Centre
AUC-LRN-BRE-3432AV   Califone 3432AV Classroom Cassette Player/Recorder
AUC-LRN-BRE-3432AVIR   Califone 3432AV-IR Cassette Player/Recorder with Infrared freedom
AUC-LRN-CAL-3432IRPLC   Califone 3432IR-PLC Infrared Learning Centre
AUC-LRN-CAL-3432PLC   Califone 3432PLC Classroom Learning Centre
AUC-HP-CAL-34IR   Califone 34IR Infrared Audio Headphones
AUC-HP-CAL-35IRPLC   Califone 35IRPLC 4 x Infrared Headphones + USB Transmitter
AUC-HP-CAL-4100USB   Califone 4100-USB Medium Duty USB Stereo Headset
AUC-LRN-BRE-5262AV   Califone 5262AV Deluxe Cassette Player/Recorder 5 Watt
AUC-LRN-CAL-5262PLC   Califone 5262PLC Deluxe Learning Centre - 5 Watts Cassette Player/Recorder
AUC-LRN-BRE-5272AV   Califone 5272AV Deluxe Cassette Player/Recorder 10 Watt
AUC-LRN-CAL-5272PLC   Califone 5272PLC Deluxe Learning Centre - 10 Watts Cassette Player/Recorder
AUC-HP-CAL-HPHB   Califone Budget, Ear Cushion Style Headphones
AUC-HP-CAL-CA2-30   Califone CA2-30 Stereo Headphones Pack
AUH-PA-CAL-CP50W   Califone CombiPower 50W Wireless PA with Radio Mic + CD/cassette player/recorder + USB
AUH-PA-CAL-CP100W   Califone CombiPower VHF 100W Wireless Version Cassette/CD/Recorder/Radio Mic + PA + USB
AUH-PA-CAL-CP100   Califone CombiPower100 Powerful Stereo Cassette/CD Player/Recorder + PA + USB
AUH-PA-CAL-CP50   Califone CombiPower50 Powerful Stereo Cassette/CD Player/Recorder + PA + USB
AUH-PA-CAL-CPT   Califone CombiPowerT Powerful PA Unit
AUH-PA-CAL-CPTW   Califone CombiPowerT Powerful PA Unit, Wireless Version with Radio Mic
ACC-AUH-JCT4-33   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-4-3/3 - 3.5mm jack and 4 x 3.5mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT4-36   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-4-3/6 - 3.5mm jack and 4 x 6.3mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT4-63   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-4-6/3 6.3mm jack and 4 x 3.5mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT4-66   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-4-6/6 6.3mm jack and 4 x 6.3mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT8-33   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-8-3/3 3.5mm jack and 8 x 3.5mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT8-36   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-8-3/6 3.5mm jack and 8 x 6.3mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT8-63   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-8-6/3 6.3mm jack and 8 x 3.5mm sockets
ACC-AUH-JCT8-66   Califone Junction Boxes JCT-8-6/6 6.3mm jack and 8 x 6.3mm sockets
AUH-PA-CAL-PA300PLUS   Califone P300 PLUS 30W Presentation Pro
AUH-PA-P300PL-UHF-BRE   Califone PA300+UHF 30W Wireless PresentationPro PA System
AUP-PA-CAL-PA916PS   Califone PA916-PS Mobile Wireless Companion Speaker
AUP-PA-CAL-PA916SP   Califone PA916-SP Non Powered Support Speaker
AUP-PA-CAL-PA919   Califone PA919 Portable Audio and Wireless PA System with wireless speaker connectivity
AUC-HP-CAL-HPHS   Califone Superior, Open Ear Foam Cushion Style Headphone
PJR-CAN-LV7290   Canon LV-7290 XGA Projector
PJR-CAN-LV7295   Canon LV-7295 XGA Projector
PJR-CAN-LV7390   Canon LV-7390 XGA Projector
PJR-CAN-LV7490   Canon LV-7490 XGA Projector
PJR-CAN-XEEDSX80MK2   Canon XEEDSX80MK2 Projector
ACC-IWB-PRO-ACTIVBAG-50   Carry Bag for ACTIVboard 48 & 50
ACC-IWB-PRO-ACTIVBAG-64   Carry Bag for ACTIVboard 60 & 64
ACC-IWB-PRO-ACTIVBAG-78   Carry Bag for ACTIVboard 78
CAS-GEN-VI6100-7100-8100   Carry Case - Genee Vision 6100/7100/8100
AUP-ADA-EZPA-CASE   Carry Case for School Portable PA System
PJR-CAS-XJA130   Casio XJ-A130 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJA131   Casio XJ-A131 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJA150   Casio XJ-A150 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJH1600   Casio XJ-H1600 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJH1650   Casio XJ-H1650 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJH1700   Casio XJ-H1700 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM130   Casio XJ-M130 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM140   Casio XJ-M140 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM145   Casio XJ-M145 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM150   Casio XJ-M150 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM155   Casio XJ-M155 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM240   Casio XJ-M240 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM245   Casio XJ-M245 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJM255   Casio XJ-M255 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJST145   Casio XJ-ST145 LED Projector
PJR-CAS-XJST155   Casio XJ-ST155 LED Projector
MNT-PJR-CAGE-CUST-DAL   Ceiling Mounted Custom Projector Cage
AUC-SPK-CLP20-SAH10507   Ceiling Mounted Speakers
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-CP1-DAL   Ceiling Plate - Standard
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-CP6-DAL   Ceiling Plate with 180 Pivot
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-005-DAL   Ceiling Plate with Tilt
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-CP6-UNI   Ceiling Tilting Plate
ACC-AUP-ENTPRO-COVER   CHAmp Cover - Leatherette Cover for the CHAmp
AUP-BRE-ENT-PRODVDCA   CHAmp DVD CA - Powerful Battery Powered DVD & Cassette Player + PA
AUP-BRE-ENT-PROMP3DVD   CHAmp MP3 DVD - Powerful Battery Powered MP3 Recorder & DVD Player + PA
AUP-BRE-ENT-PROPC30   CHAmp PC30 - 100Wrms DVD/USB SD card player with pitch control
ACC-AUP-ENT-PRO-SPKR   CHAmp Speaker - 100Wrms Extension Speaker for all CHAmp units
AUP-SP-CHA-US   CHAmp US - Powerful Battery Powered USB/SD-Card Player + PA
AUP-BRE-ENT-PROUSD   CHAmp USD - Powerful Battery Powered CD/DVD/USB/SD-Card Player + PA
CHG-LTOP-COM-CHBOX15   ChargeBox 15 Laptop Trolley
CHG-LTOP-COM-CHBOX30   ChargeBox 30 Laptop Trolley
CHG-LTOP-COM-CHMATE16   ChargeMate 16 Netbook Trolley
CHG-LTOP-COM-CHMATE20   ChargeMate 20 Netbook Trolley
FRQ-CHA-UHF-MHz   Choose Your Frequency Channel
FRQ-CHA-VHF-MHz   Choose Your Frequency Channel
IWA-STEP-FEL-LCR1   Classroom Riser Double Whiteboard Step with Storage Area & Removable Handrails
IWB-SAH-CTF42   Clevertouch Fusion 42"
IWB-SAH-CTFM42   Clevertouch Fusion Multi 42"
IWB-SAH-CTFM55   Clevertouch Fusion Multi 55"
IWB-SAH-CT32   Clevertouch LCD 32"
IWB-SAH-CT42   Clevertouch LCD 42"
IWB-SAH-CT46   Clevertouch LCD 46"
IWB-SAH-CT55   Clevertouch LCD 55"
IWB-SAH-CT65   Clevertouch LCD 65"
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-CCCP1-DAL   Close Coupled Projector Ceiling Plate (Height: 60mm)
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-TMCC   Close Coupler Projector Ceiling Mount White
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ1015COL   Colour 12 Jumbo Tray Wooden Storage Mobile W1358 x D453 x H1067mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ2WCOL   Colour 12 Tray Storage Mobile W700 x D453 x H617mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ3WCOL   Colour 18 Tray Storage Mobile W1030 x D453 x H617mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4WCOL   Colour 24 Tray Storage Mobile W1022 x D450 x H810mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4000COL   Colour 4 Bay Kinderbox with 2 Stacks of 4 Shallow Trays - Mobile W690 x D453 x H625mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4001COL   Colour 6 Bay Kinderbox with 3 Stacks of 4 Shallow Trays - Mobile W1022 x D453 x H625mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ1WCOL   Colour 6 Tray Storage Mobile W360 x D453 x H617mm
FUR-STO-CBD-MON-MEQ750CCOL   Colour Medium Storage Cupboard with 2 Adjustable Shelves, Lockable Doors & Handles, Mobile W1022 x D450 x H750mm
STN-PJR-MET-TILTTOP125   Column 125 Tilt-top Projector Stand
MNT-PJR-CACC-CDJ1-UNI   Column Drilling Jig
STN-PJR-MET-TILTTOP   Column Tilt-top Projector Stand (with optional side platform)
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4012   Combination deep & shallow tray unit holds 12 x deep or 24 x shallow or a combination of both - mobile or static W1360 x D450 x H710mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4016   Combination deep & shallow tray unit holds 16 x deep or 32 x shallow or a combination of both - mobile or static W1360 x D450 x H830mm
FUR-STO-BIN-MON-MEQ4018   Combination deep & shallow tray unit holds 18 x deep or 36 x shallow or a combination of both - mobile or static W1025 x D450 x H1210mm
FUR-FIL-SLF-MON-MEQ4009   Combination unit - 4 x 3/4 trays & 12 x shallow or 6 x deep trays - stackable
MNT-PJR-CLNGKIT-1M-C2-VIS   Combo Projector Ceiling Mount Kit - Flush Mount to upto 1Mtr
FUR-CMP-TBL-MON-CF7016   Compact workstation including mouse shelf
AMP-DIS-RGB1TO4   Component AV Distribution Amplifier 1:4
AMP-BOOSTER-COMPAV-BNC   Component Video & Audio Signal Booster - BNC
AMP-BOOSTER-RGB-RCA   Component Video & Audio Signal Booster - RCA
AMP-DIS-RGBRE-6TO4   Component Video & Stereo Audio Switching Box with IR Remote Control & RS-232 PC Control 6:4
ACC-CAT5-RGB   Component Video Over CAT5
ACC-CAT5-DAUDIO   Component Video/Digital Audio Over CAT5
AMP-DIS-AV1TO3-BNC   Composite Distribution Amplifier 1:3
ACC-CAT5-COMPAV   Composite Video & Stereo Audio Over CAT5
AMP-BOOSTER-COMPV   Composite Video Amplifier
ACC-CAT5-COMPV   Composite Video Over CAT5

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